How to secure your Accounts from Hackers

How to secure your Accounts from Hackers

You might have heard that “Passwords” are valuable in the hackers community. On average, a mid-age human has 7 unique accounts with 7 passwords to remember. The Passwords have the value according to the account and type of account. For example, a Netflix account password has more value than an Amazon Prime account. You might have read many articles on hacking Facebook, Instagram, and whatnot and now you know how easy the hacks are. So today we have gathered a few tips, tricks, guide or whatever you wanna say it to help you secure your account from hackers. If I have to be honest, there is no full proof way to secure your account but at least we can minimize the chances of getting hacked.
1. Have a Strong Password for your Account-
So what exactly is a strong password? Let me clear that in the simplest manner. The password which is difficult to guess and fulfills the criteria of length, letters, numbers, symbols is known as Strong Password. I have some of the best ways to make your password strong and they are as follows:
a. Do Not use Personal Information-
Avoid using personal information like name, date of birth, your city name, and whatnot in your password. It makes the password more vulnerable. For example, don’t use “Ryder” (in my case though) in the password or as a password. It has higher chances of getting hacked.
b. Do not use real words-
Cracking a password with algorithms is mostly using common words (from a dictionary sometimes) by using a brute force method. So always mix the words while using it as a password or use special symbols. For example, using $ for S, for a and so on. The human mind can comprehend the similarities while algorithms have to program that specifically which will not happen soon.
c. Create a longer password-
As you may have gotten the idea how the passwords are cracked so it’s safe to assume you know why the length of the passwords is important. Longer is the password, more permutation and combinations are required for the hacking password. For example, 4 letters word has 24 unique combinations of the password while 9 letter word has 362,880 combinations. So you see how the length of password plays important role in making it complex. Your password should be at least 12 letters 15 is recommended by mee… (Be extra safe…!!!)
d. Modify the common phrases-
If you are unable to think of a complex password for your account, then try this method. Pick any of your favorite song, movie dialogue or even a phrase and make a word from the first letter of each word in the sentence. Use the numbers in case the password looks a bit easy. For example, “All my friends are heathen, take it slow” can become “AmFAhtiS”. Look how complex it looks and doesn’t even make sense unless you know the source (song in this case).
e. Don’t write’em down-
People have a bad habit of writing stuff down which they can’t remember. Don’t do that because if anybody gets hold of it, then it can turn out badly. If you need that, use the password managers which protects your passwords and can also be set for autofill.
f. Change Passwords regularly-
There are few people on this planet who haven’t changed the passwords of their accounts from a decade or something and that’s not recommended. You should always change the passwords of your account every 6 months. Trying different combination will also work but make sure your password is not the same for longer period of times.
g. Do not type passwords on unknown devices or networks-
Many of the hotspots you use may be compromised and sometimes not even the admins knew it. These hotspots give you good internet connection so you would use it more and hackers can do their job while you are liking some pics and laughing at relate-able memes. So never type in the passwords on the unknown networks or devices.
h. Use at least 3 different passwords
  1. One password for social media accounts- secure and difficult to guess and crack

  2. One password for bank and other financial accounts- Very very secure and large password combo should be impossible to crack

  3. One password for everything else- this one can be moderate to weak. Use only for sign ups and fake or temp accounts.

i. Always check the url..!!
It should always be “https://” and not “http://” . Never sign in to websites without https protection… that`s the golden rule.. Never ever break it.. Check the URL of the website..!!

👇👇👇 Original: With https:// 

Fake /Phishing facebook url: (Notice no https:// only http://)

2. Use 2-step Verification feature-
This will literally help you a lot and protect your account from getting hacked. This is called 2 step verification because for logging into the account, you need a password as well as OTP on phone or email. This will make your account more secure as intruder or hacker needs more than just a password to hack your account.

Enable 2-step and notifications for sign-ins in every important account.

eg: gmail, bank accounts, Facebook accounts etc
3. Never share account details with anyone-
I can`t stress this enough never share your account details with anyone. Always keep your accounts private. Never send your passwords to others on whats-app or Facebook or anywhere else for the matter… Don`t fall victim  to prank and hacker calls asking for account info and other information. Companies don`t do that and banks will never call and ask such details stay safe guys…!!
4. Always keep all your apps and OS updated:
You should always keep all your apps and browsers updated. Not only that you should also keep your OS(Operating System) updated. These updates have critical bug fixes which are necessary to stop hackers. So always updated all your devices.
5. Do not share your mobile number anywhere:
Mobile numbers are somethings which must be hidden. If at all possible keep a different safe mobile number for your financial accounts. The different and secure sim card can help you stay a lot safe from the hackers trying to trick you.
6. Don`t use public WiFi:
Never use public WiFi for any important logins and transactions. Public WiFi do not have any security and because they are public its very easy for hackers to hack them. So avoid using them. If you really have no choice then use vpns to create secure connections.
7. Download apps only from official websites:
Always download all apps and games from official websites only. Do not download any apps or games from untrusted sources. They main contain viruses, malware and key-loggers. So always download application from official sources.

Use fake mails for things which are not important don`t give your personal and business email ids anywhere…!!!

Some last minute important tips-
  • Never respond to email requests for your password, even if the email appears to come from trusted sources. These are phishing attempts in order to steal your information.
  • Never share your password with others.
  • When creating your password, use a minimum eight characters in length and include upper case, lower case, numbers, and special characters.
  • Use different passwords for your accounts. For example, do not use your Facebook password for your bank accounts.
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