GoScan: Interactive Network Scanner

GoScan: Interactive Network Scanner
GoScan is an Interactive Network Scanner Client written in Go, featuring auto-completion, which provides abstraction and automation over Nmap – a well-known network scanner tool. You can use it to perform host discovery, port scanning, and service enumeration tasks, for both casual and professional purposes.

GoScan: An Interactive Network Scanner Client

GoScan Network Scanner is particularly suited for unstable environments, such as: unstable and unreliable network connectivity, no screen situations, etc.). It uses SQLite database for running scans and monitoring and maintaining their states. In addition, scans run in the background (detached from the main thread), so even if connection to the box running GoScan is lost, results can be uploaded asynchronously.


  • Interactive network scanner with auto-completion,
  • Suitable for both casual an professional pentesting tasks,
  • Capable of host discovery, port scanning and service enumeration (integrates a lot of tools, such as: EyeWitness, Hydra, nikto, etc.),
  • Scans run in the background, in case the connection is lost, you can upload results asynchronously (no need for the process restart, data can be imported at different stages),
  • Supports all the main steps of network enumeration,
  • and much more.

External Integrations [Service Enumeration Supports]

  • ARP: nmap
  • DNS: nmap, dnsrecon, dnsenum, host
  • FINGER: nmap, finger-user-enum
  • FTP: nmap, ftp-user-enum, hydra [AGGRESIVE]
  • HTTP: nmap, nikto, dirb, EyeWitness, SQLmap, fimap
  • RDP: nmap, EyeWitness
  • SMB: nmap, enum4linux, nbtscan, samrdump
  • SMTP: nmap, smtp-user-enum
  • SNMP: nmap, snmpcheck, onesixtyone, snmpwalk
  • SSH: hydra [AGGRESIVE]
  • SQL: nmap
  • VNC: EyeWitnes


Build from source

Clone the repo:
$ git clone https://github.com/marco-lancini/goscan.git
Navigate to the GoScan directory and build:
$ cd goscan/goscan/ 
$ make setup 
$ make build
If you want to make a multi-platform binary, run:
$ make cross

Binary Install

This is the recommended way of installation. Get binary:
$ wget https://github.com/marcolancini/goscan/releases/download/v2.3/goscan_2.3_linux_amd64.zip $ unzip goscan_2.3_linux_amd64.zip
Then place the executable in PATH:
$ chmod +x goscan 
$ sudo mv ./goscan /usr/local/bin/goscan

Install via Docker

$ git clone https://github.com/marco-lancini/goscan.git 
$ cd goscan/ 
$ docker-compose up --build

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